Internal Complaint Committee

Internal Complaint Committee

Internal Complaint Committee is meant to safe guard and promote well being of all women employees of an organization and create a safe campus environment conducive to women employees and women students. The major role of this committee is to address all complaints on sexual harassment of women at workplace followed by action taken for redressal of complaints.

Functions of the committee

  • To address and investigate the complaints of sexual harassment on women employees and students and to make necessary recommendations for disciplinary action against the accused employees/students
  • To hold meetings as and when required for effecting to a zero tolerance on campus for gender-based violence and for preventing sexual harassment by sensitizing the female students and staff.

Composition of Internal Complaints Committee

  1. Sujata Jena, Assoc. Prof. & Head, PFE Deptt. – Presiding Officer
  2. S.K. Meher, Asstt. Prof., BEAS Deptt. – Member
  3. Diana Sagolsem, Asstt. Prof., MTCC & VTC, CAEPHT – Member
  4. Manish Gurung, Hort., Asstt., CAEPHT – Member
  5. Kabita Chettri, FCL Asstt., PFE Deptt. – Member
  6. Hemlata Pant, President, SGH, Arithang, Gangtok – Member

Registration of complaints of sexual harassment:


  • A complaint register is maintained with the presiding officer, Internal Complaints Committee for registering the complaints
  • Complaints can also be made to the presiding officer at the following web address.


committee Members List

Please register your complain here and click on “Send” button to sent it to the authorised official