Farm Machinery Testing Centre

  • About the testing center
    Farm Machinery Testing Centre

    Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering
    College of Agricultural Engineering and Post Harvest Technology
    Central Agricultural University
    Ranipool, Gangtok – 737 135 (Sikkim)
    Testing Authority: Dr S N Yadav, Professor (Farm Power and Machinery) (India)

    +91 – 3592 – 251556 (o), 09933469544(M)

    +91 – 3592 – 251390

    The “Farm Machinery Testing Center” under the Department of Farm Power and Machinery, College of Agricultural Engineering and Post Harvest Technology, Central Agricultural University, Ranipool, Gangtok was established in May, 2015 with the financial support from the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation (M&T) under Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanization (SMAM) with total outlay of Rs. 79.59 lacs. It is on the line of testing of agricultural machines carried out by Farm Machinery Testing and Training Institutes (FMTTIs), established by the Govt. of India. Our Center is one of the twenty five institutions approved by the Department of Agriculture & Co-operations, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India in the direction of ensuring supply of quality agricultural machinery and equipment to the farmers.

  • Objectives of the Center:

    1. Testing of farm machinery and equipment (hand tools, implements and machines) to assess their working performance, suitability and certification.
    2. To carry out laboratory and field tests and experiments in order to check their performance in detail.
    3. To establish standardization in parts, components, assembly, systems etc. to bring quality and to reduce repairing, replacement cost.


    1. The guidelines, application form and testing charges can be obtained from the center on written request from Dr S N Yadav Testing Authority College of Agricultural Engineering and Post Harvest Technology, Central Agricultural University, Ranipool, Gangtok (Sikkim) 737 135
    E Mail:
    (M) 09933469544 (Phone) 03592 251556
    or downloaded from the College website.
    2. The applicant has to submit the application form along with requisite testing fee (as per the rate fixed by Govt. of India from time to time) in the form of Bank draft in favour of Dean, CAEPHT, Ranipool, payable at SBI, Ranipool Branch.
    3 The applicant must check the check list to be attached along with the application form. If any required document is not submitted, the application may be rejected at the desecration of the testing authority.

  • Guidelines, terms and conditions for testing of farm machinery


    1. Machines may be tested on the request in writing of the manufacturer/accredited importers referred to as “Applicant” herein-after.
    2. Tests will be carried out at the discretion of the Incharge of the testing center, herein-after referred to as “Testing Authority” to whom application on prescribed form may be addressed.
    3. All the tests will be conducted as per relevant BIS Test Code. If for any machine/ component the BIS test code is not available, the test procedure shall be framed by the Testing Authority whose decision shall be final. 4. The test fee whatever applicable will be intimated to the applicant who will deposit it in advance through a bank draft drawn on the bank communicated to applicant.
    5. All charges on account of test fee including service tax, stores, fuel, oils, lubricants, spare parts, general stores, workshop charges, other items as laid down by the Ministry of Agriculture, labour, over-heads, input cost incurred during the test shall be borne by the Applicant.
    6. If the tests are carried out at a place other than the premises of testing center, all transportation charges to and from the place of test, travelling allowance/daily allowance of the staffs, land and input cost if any, any kind of cost involved at the time of testing etc. shall be borne by the Applicant.
    7. The machinery will be delivered by the applicant at the testing Institute on his cost.
    8. If the machine is withdrawn from test, written permission of the Testing Authority will have to be obtained. In such case test fee plus all other expenditure as indicated above for test conducted shall be charged. Entire test fee paid shall be forfeited in the event of withdrawal from test.
    9. The testing charges as and when revised by the Government shall have to be paid by the Applicant from the date of their applicability, even if after completion of the test, till the draft test report has not been released.
    10. Parts of assemblies of machines worn out or damaged during test shall be replaced/ repaired by the Applicant free of cost within the time specified by the Testing Authority.
    11. In case some parts are required by the Testing Authority for destructive tests, these shall be arranged free of cost by the Applicant.
    12. In case, any services are provided by the Testing Authority, these will be charged for.
    13. The cost of fixtures etc. which are not normally available at the Institute and which are found necessary for working of the machine under test and all special stores items shall be borne by the Applicant.
    14. Parts and assemblies of machines worn out or damaged during the test may be handed over at the discretion of the Testing Authority only after the test report has been released.
    15. The applicant will make his own arrangements to collect back the machine within one month of intimation by the Testing Authority. If the applicant fails to remove the machine in this period, the applicant will be liable for payment of ground rent as fixed by the Testing Authority for a period not exceeding four months. After the expiry of 3 months, one month notice will be served on the applicant by the Testing Authority. If the applicant fails to remove the machine within this period, the machine will become the property of the Institute and may be disposed off by auction at the discretion of the Testing Authority.
    16. If any un-patented machine or a machine in respect of which a proper application for patents has not been duly made, is submitted for test, it will not be published or disclosed to the public by the testing center and the matter will be treated as confidential so that the right of the inventor or a person claiming through him to get a patent for a machine is not prejudiced.
    17. If, in the course of testing a machine/component, any invention and/or developments originate from the officers of the testing center, the Government may at the discretion take out separate patents to protect the subject matter invented and/or developed.
    18. If the test on a machine submitted for confidential test have been conducted as per relevant commercial test procedure in all respects, then on the request in writing of the applicant, the Testing Authority, after satisfying himself may permit conversion of nature of test from “Confidential” to “Commercial”.

  • Application form for testing of farm machinery
  • Testing charges of different machinery
    Sl. No. Name of Machine Test fee
    1 2 3
    1 Components 12220
    2 Hand Tools 12220
    3 Power Operated Thresher, Decorticator, Sheller, Winnower etc. 42463
    4 Animal Drawn Equipment 26053
    5 Tractor drawn /operated Implement/ Equipment 83009
    6 Manually Operated Equipment 23620
    7 Power tiller driven /Self Propelled Reaper etc 48836
    8 Tractor drawn/operated Seed-cum- Fertilizer Drill/Planter/Straw Reaper, Mini Rice Mill, Power Seed Cleaners/Grader 87085
    9 Animal Drawn Multi-tool Bar ( Minimum Four attachments) 69161
    10 Self Propelled Paddy Transplanter 118811
    11 Power Operated Multi Crop Thresher ( Two or more crop) 89518


    – 15% testing charges will be enhanced for each following financial year.

    – Test fee should be deposited in the form of Demand Draft in favour of Dean, CAEPHT, Gangtok payable at SBI, Ranipool

    – If any equipment other than listed above is received for testing, the test fee shall be charged at the rate of 50% of the direct revenue expenditure.